I started Grill Appetit™ as a way to offer quality and affordable accessories that work for all grillers from the weekend warrior to competition and professionals. 

Growing up in the South, we have a long-standing tradition to gather with family and friends whenever we can, especially during the holidays.   Almost all of them involved some sort of grill, smoker or pit style BBQ to feed us all.  Some of my fondest memories growing up were created during these gatherings.  So, it isn’t a big surprise that as an adult, I gravitate towards the grill at every holiday and family gathering I can (Special thanks to my late Dad and Uncle Rayvon who were always the life of our parties). 

When you fire up that grill or smoker, you’ll be amazed at how many friends and family claim you, especially if the food is good.  We understand these gatherings aren’t just for the food alone and we all have our own reasons why we like to grill.  Whether it’s for the food, friendship or bragging rights, one thing is clear, we all have a great time. 

Being the ‘GrillMaster’ also comes with some work – prepping and the dreaded cleanup.  That’s where Grill Appetit™ comes in by providing tools and accessories that enhance your grilling experience, so you can enjoy your outing with the rest of your guests. 

Here at Grill Appetit™, we only offer products that are of high quality and made to last because we want our customers to not only feel good about their purchase, we also want them to come back.  Before any of our products are made available to you, we thoroughly test each of them to ensure we are only offering products that perform their intended function and will last for years to come.

I hope our products can be part of your outdoor activities in helping you make great memories.