Grilling Tools & Accessories

Providing tools and accessories to enhance your grilling experience. 

Wanna Try an awesome pork rub?

Good for Butts, shoulders and ribs.  Click here for ingredients.

Grill Appetit - Because we love to grill.

When you fire up that grill or smoker, you’ll be amazed at how many friends and family claim you, especially if the food is good.  We understand these gatherings aren’t just for the food alone and we all have our own reasons why we like to grill.  Whether it’s for the food, friendship or bragging rights, one thing is clear, we all have a great time. 

Being the ‘GrillMaster’ also comes with some work – prepping and the dreaded cleanup.  That’s where Grill Appetit™ comes in by providing tools and accessories that enhance your grilling experience, so you can enjoy your outing with the rest of your guests. 


Best brush ever

I took this brush to a youth camp and clean a 6 foot grill with it. this grill has never been clean before. When I got done the grill looked greal and the brush looked like I had hardly used it. The bristle were straight and the only way you can tell I used it was it was greasy.

Brian B

Great brush! Love the all stainless steel wiring 

Great brush! Love the all stainless steel wiring. There are no dropped bristles and the grill is clean. Like the long handle too.

Amazon Customer

Grill Mats

I love these. They help keep my grill clean and what ever you cook on it comes out great.

Amazon Customer